Take one business challenge

How to entice Financial and HR Directors at large companies to meet with Healix to discuss how a Healthcare Trust can be a more cost effective alternative to a Private Medical Insurance (PMI) scheme without compromise employee care.

The approach

We got the FD engaged with the Healix Healthcare Trust proposition by sending them a green cash safety box with the following message attached: “Call your HR Director and discover how to unlock significant savings on your corporate healthcare”. And at the same time a key was sent to the HR Director with the message “Your FD has a box with big savings inside, use this key to unlock those savings and improve the health cover for your staff”. The intrigue enticed them to meet up to see what was inside the box and enabled us to communicate the financial benefits to the FD and the quality of care to the HR Director.

Cut to the quench

The mailer certainly got the HR and FDs talking and when followed up with telephone call 17% converted to a meeting.